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Building An Igloo

I believe that a worthless product should not be sold. But the marketers assigned to the task of selling those products have no choice. They have to resort to hype (created by interruption advertising or even conned word-of-mouth). Every time I think about it, I am astounded by the corporations managing to sell cola.

If you refer my previous post, you will see that I am pondering on the possibility of selling snow to an eskimo. Now we don’t want to sell her a product that is useless to her.

I read a story when I was in school that talked about eskimo culture. A typical eskimo shopping goes like this: (in my own words) A trader (also an eskimo) is travelling. An eskimo potential customer calls out - ‘Hey do you have stuff in your bag that you want to sell?’ The trader says ‘Nah! You will not find this stuff useful. It is trash’. The eskimo customer-to-be says ‘Lemme have a look.’ You will have to note that it is the customer-to-be who initiated the sale. It is highly unethical in an eskimo’s point of view to hawk a product. Serious. It will also amaze you to know that the buyer offers a higher price than the seller asks and insists! The seller tries to bargain down. Thats what I read.

Okay we know something about eskimo culture. I am reading about igloo construction now. It might come in handy some day. Hopefully, it might help us sell some useful snow to an eskimo!

If you are interested:

I’ve been inside the apartment all day. I am going to bike to the grocery store now and inhale some fresh air in the process.

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