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Catching Up

Guys&Gals… plz give me 1 more day. Lots of ideas are bubbling - but I had to tackle several other things before I could blog.

If you get a chance, do see the movie ‘Little Manhattan’. Wonderful movie.

maniosai wrote on Dec 15, 2005:
hope you enjoyed the vacation. Dei if anyone else has not already mentioned the is not working. check it out ok

Lots of things happening here too. will call you soon.
Kirubakaran wrote on Dec 15, 2005:
dei mani!

s i did enjoy it thoroughly. para-sailing and jet-ski-ing were the highlights :)

i checked and it seems to be working. may be it was down when u tried. can u check again? i'll keep checking it as often as possible.

yea call me soon...