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Challenge Yourself

“You wasted $150,000 on an education you coulda got for a buck fifty in late charges at the public library.” - Will Hunting (played by Matt Damon), Good Will Hunting
(one of my most favorite movies)

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If you are not what you want to be, only YOU are to be blamed. And it is never too late.

Anonymous wrote on Dec 26, 2005:
Kirubakaran suggests that if someone wants something he can do it. Does it mean one has to pay a lot of money down first or maybe if u can make it in 100 installments it can be done? Who remembers when everybody thought twice and then did nothing? Millions of pple used to go to the grave before the fun started. The idea was that if u wanted to do anything it was considered bad. So, many pple have gone thru life not doing anything. And they were fine. . . then along came Freud and his ilk. They told us that it was suppression that was making us ill, that unless we let fly we'd land up in the lunatic asylum. There's sense to it of course coz its nature's tendency to express every thought into action. "Consciousness is motor" is a pretty definite law of healthy mental behavior. We the younger generation has interpreted this to mean,” Do what you feel and want". . and we do! But I'm not sure it’s necessary to obey that impulse every time. U see for it was only by suppressing some challenges (like to snarl back at rude policemen or to become a beachcomber) that I have remained reasonably free enough to fulfill some challenges I really wanna fulfill.

The best thing to do about suppressed desires is to go on suppressing them!" This is considered pretty old fashioned and puritanical advice today but sometimes I wonder. . . . Practically nobody every thinks anything over anymore, or takes anything under advice if he wants.

The older I get the more desires I'd like to see suppressed! (in other pple). Like for instance I wish authors, screen writers etc would suppress their compulsion to use more and more 4 letter words. And most of all I would enjoy the suppression of a few big pple like my mummy. . .for I really wish that she would suppress her desire to suppress me!
So I guess even though we want to be what we want to be there are circumstances and obstacles beyond our control. . so I say be happy as u are!
maniosai wrote on Dec 27, 2005:
who is this anonymous guy/girl? why are you suppressing your name here?

"So I guess even though we want to be what we want to be there are circumstances and obstacles beyond our control. . so I say be happy as u are! "

do you mean let what happens around you define what you are? Wake up please. Whatever challenges or obstacles are there which prevents you from being what you want to be are all expressions of others ok. I would like to quote this for your reference "All rules are made by a few men/women"

I would say that if you can enjoy being you then its ok but dont be satisfied by what you are.
maniosai wrote on Dec 27, 2005:
dei kiruba, great vacation photos da. Can see that you have really enjoyed it. Hey what is with the hair cut? sethu vikram look or what?

Have you ever played scotland yard? Nice game.

In the movie "Good Will Hunting" the conversation between Matt damon and Robbie williams after their first session is great isnt it?
Kirubakaran wrote on Dec 27, 2005:
wow! great arguement. i really appreciate your counter-arguement. and it is beautifully phrased. thanks for your time and effort. i would like to know who you are though. but anonymity is fine too :)

it is great to see two schools of thought talk. talk it out! :-)

however, people, don't let this get out of hand and become a war!
Kirubakaran wrote on Dec 27, 2005:
dei mani...
some people tell me that i've got the hair cut of brad in mr & mrs smith ;-) but the truth is, i got the haircut before the movie came out. and it is extremely efficient da. it doesn't ruffle. i don't have to comb. it looks pretty good to me :-) and drying my head after a bath takes 17 seconds :)) you should get it too!

will try scotland yard. yep - i love that dialogue. also the one where matt tells off a military recruiter.
Anonymous wrote on Dec 27, 2005:
The most next to impossible thing in this world is to be satisfied or content. The fact that I wish to suppress my name here suggests that, that’s exactly what I want it to be. Am I getting too tense? Who says I’m tense? I’m pretty calm. I tell u, I’m cool as a cubercum. I mean cucumber. I can lift a cup of coffee without spilling it, provided I hold on to my wrist with the other hand, and when I go to bed I sleep like a top. (Sometimes I spin all night). I’ve been reading a book on how to relax and I’m completely cucumbered. I mean cured.

The trouble is the looser I try to be, the tighter I get. I’ve taken all the doctors’ cures to give me peace of mind, and now I’d like to give them a piece of my own. It isn’t the tension that makes pple tense. Its this effort to relax that’s tying us all in knots. So go ahead and be what u wanna be but see that u don’t end up in the loony bin.