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In Denver

We are in Denver airport now. The next flight is delayed by 1.5hrs… so its going to be a 2.5hrs wait here. But no issues - internet access keep you un-bored.

People! Some of you have registered for the share trading game but you are not doing any trades! Please get your feet wet.

Going to eat and top up my battery now. C’Ya later.

maniosai wrote on Dec 10, 2005:
Have a great vacation.

tell me how it is ok
Mallik Reddy wrote on Dec 10, 2005:
Great going.. bloging at each and every development ??? Have some fun Florida fun too..
Anonymous wrote on Dec 12, 2005:
Not investing in shares is another strategy to save money, if not to grow, perhaps...
Anonymous wrote on Dec 13, 2005:
Poor you.. still in Denver airport for 4 days. Hope you will get out if soon