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Is This Real?

videoeyewearMust be the evening of coincidences.

My mind was bubbling today with ideas for applications utilizing virtual reality. And I see that Dave Pollard has written just about that!

I am thinking of some interesting applications. The price of the hardware is a bottleneck though. Even if I developed a killer application, will people want to dish out so much money? May be if it is useful enough…?

maniosai wrote on Dec 06, 2005:
some bubbling ideas if it snows
Jagan wrote on Dec 06, 2005:
virtual reality ? i am hearing this often now ...
maniosai wrote on Dec 07, 2005:
what is the difference between virtual reality and reality ?
Mallik Reddy wrote on Dec 08, 2005:
waiting for new post ..
3K(p) wrote on Dec 09, 2005:
Virtual Reality is I suppose almost real but not really real!! I guess that means it has the essence of effect but not the appearance or form. And of course Reality is that something which exists or occurs in the physical world which is not imaginary or fictitious or theoretical but actual.