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3K(p): Thought For The Day

[From our mysterious guest blogger 3K(p)]
"There is cream in cream-biscuits. But there is no dog in dog-biscuits". "If your life is in darkness, don't give up. Just pray. But, after praying, if your life is still in darkness, then don't be stupid! Go & pay the electricity bill!!"
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}-{ 4 |?-1 5|_||\||)4|?4|?4j4|\| wrote on Dec 20, 2005:
No french in french fries
No adam in adam's apple
No mysore in mysore vadai
we have feet that smell
we have noses that run
want more?
Mallik Reddy wrote on Dec 21, 2005:
3K(p) - Nice ones...

Hey ... "}-{ 4 |?-1 5|_||\||)4|?4|?4j4|\|".. nice one.. never heard of feet and nose thing.. Need more ? Oh yes...would be nice
3K(p) wrote on Dec 21, 2005:
Thought for the day. . . oru puthiya thathuvam.. Oru Erumbu nenacha 1000 yaaneiyei kadikkum aanaa 1000 yaanai nenachaalum oru erumbei kooda kadikka mudiyaathu... ithil irunthi enna theriyuthu???
3K(p) wrote on Dec 21, 2005:
I'm leaving a prayer for all those people who have been nice to me. Its an African prayer. . . see that you pronounce the words properly ok??

Sikona lamile
umdodo jarat
forsakala bi

say it 3 times a day........

You will see results soon. Its a prayer to make your Bum Bigger!!
Anonymous wrote on Dec 22, 2005:
Take share...

Neenga Bikela evlo thaan fasta ponaalum.....ungalayae neenga overtake panna mudiyaathu.

koli muttayila irundhu omlett podalam!
AAma(turtle) muttayila irundhu komlet poda mudiyuma???

Ticket Vaangittu ulla poradu cinema theatre,

U lla poitu ticket vaanguradu operation theatre...........

3K(p) wrote on Dec 22, 2005:
Beautiful Kasi. . . u will make a great philosopher one day! Well here is another..."Ennathaan Karate la black belt vaanginaalum sori naayi thorathina oadi thaan aahanum!"
3K(p) wrote on Dec 22, 2005:
Intha keilvi periya periya gnanikalaal kooda kandu pudikka mudila, so ingey yaaravathu modern gnaanikal irunthaal intha keilvikku bathil solveila?

Itho keilvi: - Kosu kottavi Viduma?
Ramya wrote on Dec 22, 2005:
3K(p), you have a wonderful sense of humor!
saaral wrote on Dec 23, 2005:
Sirpi kalla uliyaala adicha adhu kalai,
naama sirpiya uliyaala adicha adhu kolai!!

Sodava fridgela vacha cooling soda aagum,
Athukkaaga atha washing machinela vacha washing soda aagumaa!!
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