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Mallik: For a music freak - The Music Genome Project

‘Premium Member’ of this blog, Mallik, is honoring us with this guest-post. He became a ‘Premium Member’ by being the Top Commenter of this blog. Guest-post is one of the perks :) Thanks a lot Mallik. –Kirubakaran.

If you are a music freak, you sure will like this…. Online Music Radio… this is no regular radio.. it allows you to create your own stations in less than a minute… if you like Britney Spears, just type the name .. it will create a radio staion with songs that contains Britney’s songs as well as from other artists whose songs sound similar… I tried creating a Britney station, I got songs from Britney, Christina, Madona, Jennifer Lopez (JLo) and other artists who I donno… thats the fun part of it.. you get to hear from various different artists … the music quality is excellent, no ads, easy of use and excellent user interface… With all these, too good to be true

Enjoy.. : This site is created as part of “The Music Genome Project

Note: This is a free service, no disrupting ads, so, don’t forget support those guys by clicking on the ads you see on their webpages…


Matt wrote on Jan 01, 2006:
Wow, very nice.. thanks! :)
Kirubakaran wrote on Jan 01, 2006:
hi matt! thanks for the kind words and thanks for dropping by.

your blog is just WOW!!! I dearly hope more people act on your writings - The world would be a much better place! Keep up the great work!