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On Selling Snow...

[Please refer previous posts 1 & 2]

When I was browsing the web on this question, I found this article and decided to share it with you. I know that this is not the point and the question is more of a fun question rather than a logic question. But it is an interesting article nevertheless.

Here it is. Enjoy!

Just the crux of the article for the impatient:

Eskimo Recap:

  • Don’t sell snow.
  • If you don’t have anything that the Eskimo needs, head back home.
  • Next time you go to Alaska, don’t forget to bring a generator, Twinkies, portable DVD player, chocolate, Gameboys and plenty of batteries. You will have a much easier time selling those things than snow!
But I still think we should sell snow to an eskimo in a way that is really useful to the eskimo, like I said in my previous post :-) Innovation can be the key differentiator.

Sreejith Kumar wrote on Dec 03, 2005:
It is a great effort!
Nice to know that you are spreading the popularity of the blogs of others too! :-)
Slice Of Life wrote on Dec 04, 2005:
thirunelvelikke halwava?
snow to eskimo