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Kept my word on spending 30min exploring Python. This is not dabbling. Starting point.

Why Python? Coz I know absolutely nothing about Python. Coz I am a PERL fan and Python is the rival. Feeling happy about what I explored today.

If you like to join me in self-learning something new everyday for 30 min, as mentioned in my earlier post, do so consistently and comment here about your 30 min each day. It will keep you going and others going too. When it takes off, we can create a seperate blog for it. Like Mani said, treat it like spending 30 min for oral health.

Its just 30 min. Its not much! Please share your thoughts….

[Tomorrow… more Python]

phoe6 wrote on Dec 29, 2005:
me too has started with python. I dont know i would be able to keep up with daily self-learning course. but, lets discuss whatever we find interesting. like
how does
a,b=c,d happen in python?
Mallik Reddy wrote on Dec 29, 2005:
good going.. its pretty hard though to keep repeating the good things we plan to continue for long time... good things take less precedence ...:)