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Selling Snow to an Eskimo

This is a pretty good post about selling snow to an Eskimo :-) Thought provoking too…

I liked the idea of selling purple colored snow. But this will need to be used only on the outside of the igloo as a layer. If an igloo is entirely made of purple snow, they may need more lights inside and may be the igloo will melt sooner as the snow will absorb more heat with that color. Is it safe to have a purple igloo? Will it attract a polar bear attack? May be seals will get mesmerized and come walking to check it out - this will make hunting easy! (ouch!!)

May be capitalists-gone-wild club might ‘persuade’ the military to detonate a nuke in the artic ‘by mistake’, melt away all snow and then sell strawberry flavored artificial snow to the Eskimos.

Anybody up to the challenge? Comment away!

[UPDATE 03:32AM] Now that I think seriously about it, I feel it IS possible to sell snow to an eskimo. How do eskimos make igloos? It must be hard work I think. Can we sell them interlockable snow bricks? If we can make snow bricks, which are strong as well as have a hollow space inside, the igloos might be warmer (although it will be still below 0C) - air being the best insulator. Also this might result in safer igloos as outside temperature rises in summer - no blocks of ice will ‘peel off’ and smash an eskimo’s head as the bricks will be interlocking now… I don’t know if I make sense…

silverine wrote on Dec 03, 2005:
Hye you are getting warm here :) And I think your ideas are great. And the Eskimos get to keep thier traditional dwelling too without converting to concrete homes !!!

ps. Thanks for linking my post here.
Jagan wrote on Dec 03, 2005: really impressed . oru chinna visayuthey evolo think panni , blog pottu irrukiey ..good ..ur blog posts and other things shows how much u try to perfect/learn things ..i got lots to learn from u :-)