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Here it is! Its snowing now. We came home early from work.

Here are some pictures from today. I am serving them through flickr. There is a sad 20MB monthly band-width (upload) limit on the flickr.

Downloading Freshness
(not a blurred pic - snow flakes are in focus)

Welcoming Snow

Hope For A Holiday?

Christmas Lights & Snow

Narayanan Venkitu wrote on Dec 02, 2005:
Didn't know that it would snow in Seattle now.!! So is this your first winter in the US?

How do like the snow.! IMHO...its nice to start but it sucks..bigtime..a little later.
Kirubakaran wrote on Dec 02, 2005:
i came here in 2003 and my first snowfall experience in Mt.St.Helens is just unforgettable beautiful memory.

this is my third winter here and whenever i see snow, the child in me comes out without fail :-)
Venkat wrote on Dec 02, 2005:
dear Kirubakaran,
my friend and your colleague (Mr. Murali of CTS) had sent me this link when he was talking abt snow falling in Seattle!! It's great to see the fotos!! why can't you keep some more lower exposure at a dim light and took more snaps??