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That Gnawing Feeling

You know the gnawing feeling from not being on top of things? I will be blogging on it tomorrow. Meanwhile, please do check this out:

Painless Software Schedules

This will help you with getting things in the non-programming part of your life too.

Mallik Reddy wrote on Dec 23, 2005:
"Painless Software Schedules" makes sense in the post-project review. It will be very hard to sell before and during the proj exectuion.
For the non-programming life? Agreed. But, what I found lately that, it is very hard to implement/import things when things are going OK in the life.. they need not be gr8.. just doing OK creates a lot of resistance to change. After all, we are what we are.
Jagan wrote on Dec 23, 2005:
tomorrow never comes ah ?