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Aiyangaaru Veetu Azhagey

[Explanation for the international audience: Brahmin-speak is a dialect of Tamil spoken by Brahmins]

Though not a brahmin myself, I think original brahmin-speak is the cutest dialect around. Of course it is so extremely cute to me only when spoken by girls :) I want to burn a CD with such cute-cute brahmin-speak songs. I am making my small effort public, to be of use to several other guys who I know will be interested too :)) Here we go: { Kettele ange (Movie: Badrakaali) (Of the ‘Vangonna’ fame)

Sundari Niyum [Movie: Michael Madhana Kama Rajan]

Madisaru kattindu vandhale magarasi [Movie: Villadhi villain]

Madathuley kanni madathule [Movie: Veera]

Oh sukumari [Movie: Anniyan]

Aduthaathu ambujatha patheila? [Movie: Edhir Neechal]

Naan Alana Thamarai [Movie: Idhu Namma Aalu] … }

I am just listing the songs that come to my mind now. I invite you to send the links/more songs in the comments section. Hopefully we can come up with a comprehensive list :)

I think the brahmin-girl role is best played in the movies by Trisha.


Jagan wrote on Jan 07, 2006:
ennoda big crush ..ava oru thayiru me too liking this dialect maams.

BTW..trisha in brahmin girl look ah ?my vote is only for asin :)
3K(p) wrote on Jan 08, 2006:
Besh besh. . . romba nanna irukku na! pommanaati mattum pesinaatha pudikkuma? neengo brahmana paatu CD'la burn panni nekum anupureila?
Anonymous wrote on Jan 10, 2006:
cheh... Amala madhiri varuma? In vedham pudhidhu... my vote is for her.
Anonymous wrote on Jan 21, 2006:
Yamunai Aatrilae [Dhalapathi]
Anonymous wrote on Jan 25, 2006:
One of my X-GF !! :) :( :(
nee overaa varnikaatha....
unnoda anni ya nee comment penna koodathu....

Kirubakaran wrote on Apr 29, 2007: