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And The Winner Is...

Lax is the proud winner of the Stock Market Game. He made $219 and won the $25 prize. He says:

Hi all… I am extremely happy that I won this stock market game.Believe me when I say this…I knew nothing about the stock market before registering for this game. This does not mean I have learnt a lot now, but have started.This game has given me a lot of confidence and interest to learn more. I thank kirubakaran for such an interesting game and also for encouraging me to learn about stocks.
My thanks to all the participants! [lakshmicts, shanmugamp, gopdha, rkmurali, saaral, orsenthil, maniosai, dantonyp, sriv, mallikreddy, shanarun, nimbupani]

I would like to know your thoughts… Please…