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Driving Me Crazy

I became a paid-member to make use of the ‘advanced’ features of LiveJournal and I am pulling my hair out after about four hours of search. I guess the core problem is with my expectations. I thought there will be step by step solutions - since I come from Blogger community.

I won’t bite the dust. I am still fighting.

Damn! It has been a long time since I beat my head like this against a problem.

This is what I actually need: I have done the basic customizations. I need another box in the sidebar. Also I need a navigation bar at the top of the journal. I could have done this by simply adding a DIV to my Blogger template. Livejournal guys beat me up when I was totally unaware of the complexity and unprepared for the you-are-own-your-own help. None of the “howto”s I read had any how-to. They simply spoke in arcane tongues. I am extremely frustrated right now.

But this is good. This only strengthens my resolve to go on. My initial false expectations to quickly write couple of lines of code and get instant gratification has been struck down, spit on and beaten with a base ball bat. Since the LiveJournal guys killed my initial expectations with such a sadistic smile, I am going to sleep over it and then approach the problem afresh.

Kirubakaran wrote on Jan 23, 2006:
I wish I had found this before.

Something to go on now...
Mallik Reddy wrote on Jan 23, 2006:
I haven't tried LiveJournal.. looks like, it really is testing you.. anyways, good luck
Kirubakaran wrote on Jan 23, 2006:
got a foot hold! managed to change stuff! :-) i guess other stuff will be relatively simple - the mental block is now gone. phew.

using livejournal as it is straight-forward. you can do a fair amount of customization without delving into code. but since i wanted to make it behave exactly the way i wanted, i had to go through this.
phoe6 wrote on Jan 24, 2006:
Actually you can do in a lot.
they have something or the other to say.
And I realized that use of CSS was enough to customize the look of your journal. You get that option under teh Layout field of the Customization.
I used some CSS to get this.