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Hartford, CT

Few weeks after setting foot on the SE corner of US, here I am in the NE corner. This is really a last minute trip - to visit my friend on her birthday. I enjoying a much needed vacation - a real vacation - with no need to go out for food and no need to cover maximum number of places in minimum time. Ahhhhhhh.

I digged into lj code almost all day today. Getting better and better at it :-)

Two more friends coming in today. Feeling really happy!

I went on a walk today, in downtown Hartford. Here are some pictures from that: { Hartford, CT Pix - In Flickr }

Here is one:

Jagan wrote on Jan 27, 2006:
enga da pics ?
maniosai wrote on Jan 28, 2006:
hai kiruba, check this out da and see if still google desktop beats it. I think that a combination of netsnippets and google desktop would be the ideal net research and information processing tool.
Kirubakaran wrote on Jan 28, 2006:
post updated with pix da

tx for alerting me to that da. the price is a little steep though...
divya wrote on Jan 28, 2006:
looks vintage! How old is the building?
Kirubakaran wrote on Jan 29, 2006:
yup - the only way I can tell that I photographed this in US and not Hydrabad is by the parking meter. I have no idea about its age. Hartford is a very old city - Mark Twain's home.
Anonymous wrote on Jan 30, 2006:
Ennada ithu..Half the time u r in some kinda vacation..unmaya poreya illaya???