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Movie Watching Spree

I have watched lots of movies recently. ‘Kanda Naal Mudhal’ was the only Tamil I watched though. If you come across any good quality Tamil movies, please alert me.

I saw ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’. It was of pretty low quality, but there were good comedy sequences. Then I watched this TV show ‘Worst Movies of 2005’ and this movie was on that list.

I most likely will watch ‘21 Grams’ today.

Anonymous wrote on Jan 16, 2006:
Dei Watch Paramasivan.

Anonymous wrote on Jan 17, 2006:
why not "saravana" ???

Double K wrote on Jan 18, 2006:
"Oru kulla kathirikkai saambar aachu" is a wonderful movie. And pls also watch "oosi pona masaal vadai" Both are tremendously profound movies.
Kirubakaran wrote on Jan 18, 2006:
I guess I have to agree with you guys that Paramasivan, Saravana, Oru kulla kathirikkai saambar aachu & Oosi pona masaal vadai come under the same category.

BTW, 3K(p) has changed her pen-name to doubleK. And for nth time, people, 3K(p) is not ME!
Jagan wrote on Jan 18, 2006:
che ..ppl hav already recommended paramasivam ah ? watch it machi ..nalla comedy padam ...ejactly in lines with captain vijaykanth movies da.
Narayanan Venkitu wrote on Jan 18, 2006:
How about TTI.?
Anonymous wrote on Jan 21, 2006:
Watch 'Spirited Away' [Anime]