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We Still Get It Done, Don't We?

One of the ‘why are we the way we are’ questions: :-) How we work

It seems to work. We tend to sprint rather than run a marathon. This once again brings us to the point that start-ups are very efficient and big sized organizations are slow and dull.

Do we live our lives like a lean&mean start-up or like a big organization with lot of limiting bureaucracy?

Read these for some enlightment: Good & Bad Procrastination How To Make Wealth [I have already presented these links to you in the past]

[Movies Seen This Week] Instinct, JFK, Hotel Rwanda, The Dukes of the Hazzard

Double K (no more triple K) wrote on Jan 18, 2006:
The easiest way to make wealth is to take someone else's.
Kirubakaran wrote on Jan 18, 2006:
u can take the money. not the wealth. thats a fine but profoundly significant difference. you won't be happy in the long run - at least thats the belief :-)
Double K wrote on Jan 19, 2006:
who said money doesnt make u happy? pple thought that it was love that made the world go round. . but now its moneyyyyy! what is wealth? Those green wads huh? Anyway I'm lazee to make money. I'd rather take whats there! Do u have loads of money Kirubakaran?