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Ad Campaign

I am trying a new ad campaign for this blog - primarily as an experiment. If you reached here through an advertisement, please leave a comment - even just an ‘X’. That way, I will know that the ad agency didn’t generate clicks using scripts or zombies.

If this experiment is successful, I will use this experience for my entrepreneurship efforts. I will share the info with you too. I hope you will use that for your entrepreneurship efforts. Share your marketing experience too, please…

Well, how about the real visitors who come here through those advertisements but don’t leave a comment? I guess we can, for all practical purposes, consider them as script-clicks :-)

Rest assured that I didn’t use a slimy spam marketing method. It is : I honestly don’t think such marketing will yield any beneficial results… but what do I know…

I would consider this experiment a success if 5% of the promised 10,000 untargeted click-throughs leave a comment. After all, ‘when increasing the metric doesn’t increase the benefit, then you have the wrong metric’ :-)

Update: [Feb 13, 2006 1948HRS] Finally the Paypal payment has cleared and the “campaign” has started. Although the stats page of the ad company says that 4 out of 10,000 visits have been served already, my tracker is showing none. Hmmm! Hope this wudn’t keep happening until all 10,000 are (allegedly) served :-)

2 comments wrote on Feb 08, 2006:
Good luck.. hey guys !!!! dont forget to put your comments..
Kirubakaran wrote on Feb 08, 2006:
tx mallik.

apparently i paid with paypal 'e-check' which is going to take 4 days to clear! traffic will start only after that. sucks!

if i blog more and this post gets buried, i'll resurrect it and place it at the top.