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Nokia 770

Although they seem to be messing with me by delaying the shipping (bought it last saturday), I should be getting this soon. Hopefully next week :-))) Excited. Very. It runs full fledged Linux. What else can you ask for? I will write more on this soon. Some links that I found to be interesting: 1. In Mobile Tech Review 2. [hold on…]

Mallik Reddy wrote on Feb 16, 2006:
Wow.. curious to hear from you ..
Kirubakaran wrote on Feb 20, 2006:
got it finally - just now! this comment is thru that device!!
Anonymous wrote on Feb 23, 2006:
Grrrrrrrrreat da machaan,
still running behind linux.....
like a kid running for an icecream/lollypop !!!
Nice to c that.