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Should I quit the corporate world and take the start-up plunge now? This is the primary question in my mind now. Of course the question is only on the ‘now?’ part…

Lots of serious thinking. Lots of effort. I will share more on this…

Anonymous wrote on Feb 28, 2006:
Hi Kiruba,

Wonderful to hear that.

If u think ur hesitant to take the plunge dont worry there are people ready to push u into those dark waters.Need help :-)

Anonymous wrote on Feb 28, 2006:
I was really searching for the "kiruba theorem".

Got it. Now only u r
normal. "Just Curious..." :) :)

Wow. Thatz kiruba.... !!
All the best maamu.

saaral wrote on Mar 01, 2006:
'The time is always right to do what is right.' - Martin Luther King, Jr
maniosai wrote on Mar 02, 2006:
hi kiruba,
that your question has come to the "NOW" part, let me ask you what is that you are going to take a plunge into? If you have an umpteen ideas for that question then i think its still not "now".
Jagan wrote on Mar 03, 2006:
waiting to hear more from u da ..
Matty wrote on Mar 06, 2006:
what kiruba!....
any plans to go Himalaya?!?!?
Anonymous wrote on Mar 08, 2006:
Hey kiruba..
Good man..R u serious?? or Blogle yethavathu paraparapaana news podanumnu potrukiya??

ANyways..iM waiting for your next post on this..

Karen wrote on Mar 08, 2006:

What will you regret more, not following your dreams or staying where you are? Is this a question or an answer? You decide.

Anonymous wrote on Mar 09, 2006:
There's never an easier time than now!