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I am intrigued by an almost daily visit to this blog from a person from Seychelles. Intrigued because I’ve never heard of the country before. This just shows my limited of knowledge in geography - no offense to that person of course! I became very interested and wanted to know all about the country. My first stop was CIA’s World Factbook.

Before I go on, I would like to thank the person from Seychelles for being a regular visitor. Hi! Thanks and welcome to my blog!! Plz do leave your footprint in the comments section :-)

“As pure as it gets” is their jingle to attract tourists. Seychelles is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar. This by itself sounds exotic and inviting.

Lonely Planet eloquently says:

Among the 115 islands of the Seychelles you will find the luxuriant, tropical paradise that appears in countless advertisements and glossy travel brochures. But however seductive the images, they simply can’t compete with the real-life dazzling beaches and crystal-clear waters.

There are more shades of blue and green in the Seychelles than it is possible to imagine. Forming a backdrop to the relaxed tropical image of the Seychelles are the rhythms, colors and flavors of Africa and gris gris, the local brand of black magic.

When I make that million($), I am definitely going there :-) May be even before that :-)) Think of a long relaxing vacation in that paradise! Wow!! It feels good even to think that. Their official language is English too! (besides French)

I am already dreaming…

“It’s as sea-sun-sand relaxing as it sounds” - says the Lonely Planet. Click me![pic credit:]

CQ wrote on Feb 13, 2006:
Ahh...too many physical places in the world we don't know about - we only see the computer screen in our little rooms that displays some pixels of blue seas and gold sands...I reached here from clicking on your comment in this article: - I just started a new weblog. BTW, there's also another great article about blogging here:
Kirubakaran wrote on Feb 13, 2006:
Thanks CrimsonQueen!.. for dropping by and also for the link on blogging... :-)
Anonymous wrote on Feb 14, 2006:
do u remember the night of our
'Candle Light Dinner' on Feb 14,2002 valentines day in Mylapore in the settu kadai ?? hahahah .

I usd to remember it on every valentines day... hahahahah !! :) :)

That day i talkd to deepak for few hours and he told that he visited that shop recently after nearly 3 years.... hahahah :) :) Deepak made those guys feel frightened by having nearly a dozen of oilless chappattis daily . hahahaha !!!

Kirubakaran wrote on Feb 15, 2006:
dei ___guru! i was also telling that story to people here da! :-D

but i need to clear this up for the general public:
as usual, we the unlucky(?) were spending our valentines day lamenting about how we have no girlfriends - aggravated by the fact that there were couples everywhere. we were having dinner at the nearby chapati stall - there was a powercut and they brought the candles out :-D it was funny... :-DD