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Back From Hiding

“Dude, you haven’t updated your blog for a while” - Yep! But I wasn’t being lazy :-) I was doing a lot of serious thinking & work.

I have been working really hard this week… reading, experimenting and learning. Crazy week. However, it is summarized here. [PLEASE DO VISIT]

Thanks a lot for your support and encouragement when I expressed my thoughts about taking the plunge. That is going to happen quite soon. While I clear off the road blocks for that, DailyBen would be my business building experiment. Putting Steve’s ideas to the real life test should be fun. Of course he has done in his life. But believe me, for someone like me, who has been an employee right out of college, setting up a business and becoming financially free is as herculean as breaking a hard drug addiction: you know thats the right thing to do; you think you are striving for that; but when you do, your whole being revolts against your intentions. But, if you don’t do it, you are screwed.

Jagan wrote on Mar 15, 2006:
no wonder u didnt even reply t some of my mails ...all the best dude . too made a difficult decision ..will explain it later on machi .
Kirubakaran wrote on Mar 15, 2006:
tx da! yup i didn't reply to all emails da. figured friends would understand :-)