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User Friendly?

User friendly? Windows? Have a look! People seem to be hanging on to it coz there is nothing friendlier yet. The day Google comes out with its Linux based OS, Windows will be dead. It will be so dead that you will wonder how it didn’t happen long before it actually did. Ill conceived designs meet ill fated death. You should see the OS on Nokia 770. Ooooh smooth! By the way, a big buying opportunity ladies and gentlemen - GOOG is trading below $350! (thanks to WallStreet cry-babies).

Double K wrote on Mar 10, 2006:
I'm not a friendly user. . . .
Mallik Reddy wrote on Mar 11, 2006:
Windows is certainly user frinendly when comapred with DOS & Unix.. ofcourse, Linux is new and that doesnt mean it has all answers to the problems that windows has.. I like Linux, and I am waiting for Google to come out with its version... Just for the record, I dont hate windows, coz it brought us thus far and it deserves credit to bringing Computer to homes ..

Regarding the GOOG, may be it is good opportunity.. However, stocks can go either way for no explainable reason that makes sense to every one.. I consider even MSFT a good oppertunity now since it is trading at 3 year low..
Anonymous wrote on Mar 13, 2006:
Check this out..