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Appreciating Life

You know how you take something for granted only to lose it and then realize its value? It is sleep’s turn this time. I am “on-call” for work - I slept at midnight; they woke me up at 00:30 - I stayed up till 02:30; slept again, only to be woken up at 03:30 - this time unnecessarily. By the end of it, I felt like a prisoner tortured by being woken up often and asked to state the name and number while facing a glaring light. I had unnecessarily (or not-so-necessarily) stayed up nights prior to that. Yesterday is when I finally got to sleep well after almost a week. 4 more days of on-call support to go. Hmm. Fingers crossed. How enjoyable sleep really is!

The main reason I didn’t want to become a doctor was because I thought they get woken up all the time to deal with emergencies - and they have a moral obligation to not decline. Well, my situation now doesn’t look too much different :-) Consolation is that 4 more days ( & nights :-( ) to go.

Anyways, here are few UTubes for you that I enjoyed recently: Self-replicating repairing robots Comment-rant by a kid Vaada En Machi, Vaazhakka Bajji <- Tamil audience special :-) (tx2dinesh)

Also, I read this when I needed it the most. Check it out. tx2reddit (“Five things likely to make you happier in the short term”)

gopdha wrote on Apr 06, 2006:
whts up mach?
gopdha wrote on Apr 06, 2006:
appuram oncallkku indha effectaa machi...!!!