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Well, for the past few days my body has run mostly on coffee. Yesterday night is when finally sleep won the war.

As a result, got some protein. So did KickAssWeb - a pet project. Reading ‘When The Market Moves, Will You Be Ready?’, ‘GTD’ & ‘The Monk And The Riddle’.

Enjoyed this video clip today (a girl & Zaheer - tx to Gopi.C). But I am told that this is quite old. I found the sequence beautifully natural and adorable. Oh yeah! I saw ‘Ice Age II’… do I have to say what my opinion is? (clue: I loved it)

Disappointed by Google :-( Apr 1 being their birthday and everything, I was hoping for a bold new thing from them… like an OS may be :-)) Now my GOOGs are just trading sideways. I reach for more coffee…

I should say ‘fooled by Google’. Dammit! And their dating-site prank was, lets just say, “unimaginative”. Anyways, I called up my friend and left a message saying the cops caught me for DUI. I asked her to come get me. She says I got only her husband ;-) ( Apparently, he went “Oh shit!” and then on realizing, “Let him rot in jail” :-D )

Do you have this compulsive feeling to balance paranthesis even in ordinary sentences and feel like escaping ur smiley as “:-)” so that the final ‘)’ won’t make it “:-))“?

And yes, the next stock market game is on. Join up!

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maniosai wrote on Apr 03, 2006: