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'Bore Me Not'

I cancelled (pron: ‘spread it’) and bought I did this because I came to know that several friends of mine haven’t heard of Reddit. So I started hunting for names that match the purpose better. As usual, I tried about a hundred and a few were available too. Thankfully I didn’t decide on any of the local minima like When “occurred” to me, I totally knew that thats the best fit.

I stupidly cancelled, thinking that Yahoo will prorate and refund. That moneys gone down the drain :-( They said that they won’t refund AFTER I cancelled. Had I known, I would have kept it for some more time and redirected the traffic to In fact, before I cancelled, I did wonder if they will refuse to refund. Then I decided that the best way to find out would be to just do it. Hmm… you get what you ask for. isn’t active yet. When it becomes active, it will definitely be something to check out. In the mean time, check out:, which is where is going to point to.

Update : Aug 4, 2017

I let,, and expire a lot time ago. Looks like some squatters have grabbed them.

Kautilya wrote on May 10, 2006:
hey tx 4 pointing out...
things r in place now..
check out...
Kautilya wrote on May 10, 2006:
haha... now don't call dat "blogjackin" :-D!
maniosai wrote on May 11, 2006:
dei i think if there is a frame or ticker that displays the list in reddit it would be much better. What is the value proposition da? I mean the business behind the site. Or is it your stepping stone?
Kirubakaran wrote on May 11, 2006:
try clicking on the 'reddit' button. is this what u wanted?

not a business da. just a simple tool that i thought people might find useful. evidence so far proves otherwise :-)