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Its really almost a month since I blogged? Wow! So much has happened. First I have my bungee jump experience to share. I will copy the pix from my friend today evening and write about it.

I’ve done some useful stuff in the mean time too. “Like what?” is a pretty good question, of course, but I’ll blog more in the evening as I am rushing off to work now. I am working on a very interesting problem at work. Its awesome. I wrote a REXX program with INTERPRET function (the equivalent of Lisp’s macros) to get something done much more elegantly than the “straight forward” method. (A program constructs another program and then executes it)

Mike & Srikant - Thanks for prodding me out of my blog-slumber.

BTW, this is my 200th post. Remember the 100th you left your pug marks on? :-) Vote on the best joke ever. Add your own too.

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Kautilya wrote on Jun 04, 2006:
Welll. a well compiled double centuary....
I wish U could go down to Anitga and play against the WI.. coz some double centuaries are badly neede there!!!!