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Check this out: zpreddit … and tell me what you think.

Please do mail with your suggestions and criticism.

[Update:2006-05-06 0810] I fucked up. I was getting a new feature in late last night and it just wouldn’t work. I changed the live page coz I thought it would be a simple change. I somehow fell asleep right there, with my hand still on my laptop. I just woke up and found Koutilya’s msg. I did the logical thing of link-jacking from his post :-) Here is something for u until I fix the problem. I roared with laughter when they show uncle sam at the end :-D I’ll update this post to let you know when the problem is fixed.

[Update:2006-05-06 1212] Issues sorted out and features added.

[Update:2006-05-07 2181] Cancelled and bought

phoe6 wrote on May 05, 2006:
Its cool.
Few thoughts immediate come as:
all blogspot has it. Is there anything more?
how will the user come to know about this?
Kautilya wrote on May 06, 2006:
The site is jus blank...
Kautilya wrote on May 07, 2006:
Anonymous wrote on May 15, 2006:
i saw it today. :(
hope both look equally same. !!