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Chiropractic Care For Asthma/Polio?

My friend has been suffering from severe asthma. Now she has been diagnosed with polio. It is heart wrenching for me and the feeling of helplessness is just too terrible. I am not going to go on any more about how I feel but I want to find a solution.

I’ve heard that people with asthma or polio have been cured by chirpractic care. I have also heard that such a claim is bullshit. I want to find out all about it. I have created this wiki to track my effort. That will be the place to share my findings, which will hopefully help people in similar situation. Please help me with this effort if you can. Tell me if you know someone with first person experience. Write your own thoughts, experience and findings in the comment section.

Link to the chiropractic wiki that I will keep updated

maniosai wrote on Jun 17, 2006:
Should adults get vaccinated against polio?
Routine vaccination of persons 18 years of age and older against polio is not necessary because most adults are already immune and also have little risk of being exposed to wild polio virus.

Certain adults are at increased risk of infection, including travelers to areas were polio is common, laboratory workers who handle specimens that might contain polioviruses, and healthcare workers in close contact with patients who might be excreting wild polioviruses in their stool (such as those caring for recent immigrants from central Africa or parts of Asia).

If an adult is at increased risk of exposure and has never been vaccinated against polio, he or she should receive three doses of IPV, the first two doses given 1-2 months apart, and the third 6-12 months after the second. If time will not allow the completion of this schedule, a more accelerated schedule is possible (each dose separated four weeks from the previous dose).

If an adult at risk previously received only one or two doses of polio vaccine (either OPV or IPV), he or she should receive the remaining dose(s) of IPV, regardless of the interval since the last dose.

If an adult at increased risk previously completed a primary course of polio vaccine (three or more doses of either OPV or IPV), he or she may be given another dose of IPV to ensure protection. Only one "booster" dose of polio vaccine in a person's lifetime is recommended. It is not necessary to receive a booster dose each time a person travels to an area where polio may still occur.
Les Chui wrote on Jun 23, 2006:
There is no scientific evidence that chiropractic can help Polio. Chiropractic may help her asthma, even if just to lower the severity of her symptoms. There is an abundance of anecdotal evidence indicating that chiropractic can help asthmatic patients. However, the research today remains blurry. You can learn more about chiropractic at my chiropractic blog:

I welcome any more questions you may have too. Good luck.