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I saw an guy is a suit, near Univerity of Washington Medical Center (mind you, it is medical center, not the engineering school) showing off his iPod to a lady. She was exclaiming “oooh you are so techie” and he was beaming and obviously gloating. Wish someone had walked up to him and asked if he greasemonkeyed his browser. He would have gone: ‘Grease what?’ or ‘What monkey?’ and his tech-senility would have hit him then.

Having made you sufficiently upset (if you don’t use Greasemonkey yourself), here is a link for you to learn more: [#]

My favorite script links to my library from - so that I can be browsing books in Amazon and click a link there to put a book I like on hold in my library. How slick is that? I use the great interface of but utilize my local library for actually getting the book for free. Piqued your interest yet? No? How about a script that silently removes all advertisements from websites?

You can make websites dance to your tune. Or you can make them dance to techno music. Your choice.

Anonymous wrote on Aug 01, 2006:
Actually, it would have been even funnier if you had gone up to him and asked him that, and he replied that he is the author of plenty of scripts himself, and asked you some javascript stuff beyond your knowledge. The lady would have been very impressed, at your stupidity.

Never assume anything about anyone. Not being an engineering school has nothing to do with being a techie.
Kirubakaran wrote on Aug 01, 2006:
yo anonymous friend from Baton Rouge, see i said "someone"... i wud have never done it myself, being humble and everything ;-)... but this guy was outright disgusting... the typical 'ooh i spend lotsa money on toys and ooh that makes me a geek' kinda guy. plus he was in a suit, to feed ur prejudice...

when i reread my post, it kinda sounds arrogant - especially after reading ur comment :) ... but i just want to say that it was not meant to be so...

however, thx... i will be more careful with the words i choose.
Anonymous wrote on Aug 01, 2006:
Hey I am sorry .. didn't mean to be offensive at all. Yes, my comment does sound kind of offensive I know.

Just wanted to point that out, because I have a lot of friends majoring in bio-technology and related fields, and are hardcore linux users, coders, and everything else that can fit in the category of 'geeks'.

Sorry again.
Kirubakaran wrote on Aug 01, 2006:
absolutely no reason to apologize! i get ur point and it is not offensive to me. thx :-)