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Train Trip To Portland

[Click on pix to see them big. Comment on 'em] Aug 5 & 6, 2006. I wanted to do some thinking; some soul searching, if you will... I made reservations to travel by train. Booked a hotel room as well. Destination: Portland, OR. I set out with a small black notebook and pen. (to trace my thoughts and stuff) Saw the sights... Let them randomize the mind... Thought about various things... Went on long walks... Realllllly long walks... (I became half dead by the end of it) Crossed bridges... Took pictures... Made some attempts at drawing some too... Visited colorful places... And 'interesting' places... Ate pizza in the alley... Went places in their "Max" city-train... Hung out with bears... I met many people and talked to them. It was nice... Got a new pen-pal now too. A little bit more clarity in thoughts now too... May be it wasn't a bad idea, after all! :-)
Cipher wrote on Aug 10, 2006:
Man i have this wish of travelling in train in US...didn't find right company...i envy u....
Kirubakaran wrote on Aug 10, 2006:

I didn't find company too. So I just went by myself and changed the intent from sight-seeing to soul-searching.
Jagan wrote on Aug 11, 2006:
dei..i wanted to take a train trip in the usa da ..

seri eppo coming to india ? i asked for ur cell no da ..kubbey
Kirubakaran wrote on Aug 11, 2006:
jagan - phone# mail-la anupiruken da... :)
Saaral wrote on Aug 21, 2006:
And what is the 'interesting' place u mentioned about?
Anonymous wrote on Aug 21, 2006:
U got someone interesting :) ? :)

If u try something like this nxt time, let me know da :) :)