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"The World Is Flat" Video

A must-see video ppl… Speech by the author of the book ‘The World Is Flat’ in MIT. I absolutely loved it and it will be so worth your time.

Here is the video.

It runs 1h 15m and you may need Real Player.

Anonymous wrote on Aug 10, 2006:

Seriously.Do u still believe the crap that Friedman published in that book.

I lost all credibility for Friedman when in one of his New York Times column he peddled the silly idea that countries with McDonalds would never go to war against each other.A few months later the U.S. bombed Yugoslavia, and Pakistan and India fought a war over Kargil. All these countries had McDonalds.

In this book he has replaced McDonalds with Dell's Supply chain.
Here's the quote "No two countries that are both part of a major global supply chain, like Dell's, will ever fight a war against each other... "

Agreed that the new communication technologies have speeded capitalism up and made companies more efficient but they haven't changed the basic way economic, social and political power is exercised nationally and internationally.

His analysis holds good on the economic front.But once he starts to link his ground breaking findings to foriegn policies his arguments fall flat just as his world.

The thing that pisses me most is they find a catchy title and start weaving their yarn around it.

Kirubakaran wrote on Aug 13, 2006:
dei tvk...

one need not be in complete agreement with a person's point of view to entertain that person's ideas, don't you think?

I am sure you will agree with me that the countries you picked for examples don't have any *significant* penetration of supply chains to have an impact - i.e. those business interests are not powerful enuf right now to influence the policy makers...

without the catchy titles, we wudn't have even heard of him in the first place, to allow us to be pissed at him, right? :-)
Anonymous wrote on Aug 13, 2006:

Yes da.I agree with u that one need not be in entire agreement with a person's point of view to enjoy another person.Just like we dont agree with all of the story in Vijayakanth's movies.Still we enjoy it dont we. ;-) (hope u remember the times well spent watching all those classics like Alexander,Vanathai Pola and Vallarasu.