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... And I Am Back

I’ve been disappointing about 15 people every day for the past two weeks. Hmmm. Not a good thing. Thanks for sticking with me. I haven’t returned your calls / replied to your emails & comments either. Sorry about that as well. I am on it.

What did I do worth mentioning since the last post? I golfed for the first time in life! :-) I’ve been to the driving range few times in the past month or so but yesterday was my first golfing day. I used to think ‘oh man what a dull stupid sissy game’… but it is great actually - now I see why ‘they’ like it.

I did a road trip to Mt.Shasta on the Labor Day weekend with two friends. It was a long (10hr + 10hr) drive. We rented a fishing boat there and raced it around in Lake Shasta. Good weather too.

Hmmm what else did I do? Thats pretty much it on the fun side I guess. I am reading ‘The Long Tail’, ‘The Alchemist’, ‘All Marketers Are Liars’ & ‘Practical Common Lisp’. The last book I read (finished) was ‘Just For Fun’.

Now that you have been updated about my ‘activities’, let me think of something “interesting” to blog about (-: I think I should write about my war on Procrastination. I am only doing as good as Bush’s war on terror in Iraq but I hope to change things and win. (If I don’t, I am screwed) Have a good day!