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The weekend is about to end )-: but not a bad weekend at all… quite eventful, one can say… eth is illuminated (movie), lage raho munnabhai (movie), caesar III (game), vettai aadu… (movie), v4vendetta (movie), golf driving-range 150yds, para-sailing in Elliott’s Bay, sunset, dinner@pf.chang’s… Oh man did I really see that many movies? Damn. I didn’t do even a little bit of Lisp - although thats what I meant to do all this weekened. Really glorious weather too.

I am planning on kayaking to San Juans next weekend.

<excuse me> Jagan: Dei I am sorry I haven’t returned your call yet. Ur email id is in my work computer. I’ll email u in detail tomorrow. </excuse me>

It has been years since I used Orkut. I joined just to get a gmail invite from Google. Two friends from my high school pinged me on it this week. Pretty cool! Here is my profile, if you wanna add me as your friend - you know I am just too lazy to do it myself.