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Several Things, Actually...

After a long break, I played racquetball today. It felt really good. I want to continue it.

I came back from gym, took a cold shower and cooked egg curry. Turned out good. Just finished it off and logged in.

I am talking to Krishna Rajesh after 9 years, thanks to Orkut. He is a buddy of mine from high school. I was looking around in Orkut and found a butt-load off “free” (u know what i mean) e-books (about all subjects - pretty much everything I want to read) from sites linked to by my sis. It is a treasure trove. Like the greedy fat merchant who comes upon a sea of gold coins and scoops them up deliriously and makes them rain down on him, I downloaded gigs and gigs of them. Now I can quit my job and read them all in my hut by the foothills of Himalayas, wrapped in warm wool, with crisp chill air on my face, while sipping my favorite brew of coffee. [sigh] I wish… (I actually thought of including Uma in that wish too… but thats perhaps wishing for too much)

Speaking of financial freedom, my portfolio is doing good. Whenever I say that, it seems to instantaneously tank. Anyway I will say it, at least just to spit on the face of superstition :-) Portfolio doing good but I am not yet a millionaire ;) So hold your plans to kidnap me - unless you just want to buy cotton candy with the ransom.

I actually meant to get started on today. It is my domain name for my open source projects. I intend to complete at least one non-trivial project before Sep 4, 2007 - preferably in Lisp. I think I’ll do the same project in multiple languages, just to see how they compare. Anyway, the bottom line is, I didn’t start tinkering with the site today. But you know what to expect now.

I’ve thought of a new license for it - instead of using GPL, CC etc. I am calling it the SFO License… for “Slimeballs Fuck Off”. It will read “You can do whatever fuck you want with it…” I haven’t thought through the details yet - but you get the idea… (Afterthought[912]: It will also be a fitting word-play on Microsoft funded “SCO” scumbags and a tribute to my favorite city)

1 comment
Mike wrote on Sep 12, 2006:
SFO License...

Dude your are like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or better yet Clark Kent and superman..
By day – Clark quiet, polite, mind mannered after dark superhero adored by many.

Just remember Clark Kent never got the girl, whereas S-man kicked the snot out of bad guys. J
To that I say well done and continue the plan to take over the world one SFO license at a time.

Signed – Blog fan