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Updates (for lack of a better title)

While my racquetball score is at a pathetic 315 won/lost, I can tell you that I am on my way up. I’ve started my long procrastinated ‘situps before shower’ morning routine. I’m concentrating more on my triceps too - as it is my back-hand serve-returns that lose me points big time.

As I mentioned before, I’ve taken up golf. I go to a small par-3 9-hole course nearby.

My scores were 57, 50, 47, 45, 49, 45. Here is a graph to help you visualize :-)

We attended Prakash’s wedding today. Had a really good time. Yesterday he treated us all to a formal dinner in a cruise. Senthil’s organizing abilities shone through.

In other news, I am quitting Cognizant ;-) My last day would be Nov 3rd. It is a funny feeling as this has been my first job. Sep 10, 2001 to Nov 3, 2006. A tiny little more than 5 years. I am leaving a safe environment for an adventure (hopefully!) - After all, risk = rewards :))

I wrote a small web tool - a tiny little hack that made something easy for some people. It got over 2000 hits in 3 days (it keeps coming). It feels good :) I am not saying what it is, because, it is something really really simple. It got equal number of up & down votes in Reddit. Anyway, I learnt from this… more from ‘error_log’ than from ‘access_log’. (I love webalizer, by the way)

My observation is that, when you do something new, you learn things you never thought you would. Those side-effects seem to be the most valuable outcome… Sorta like how World War II caused economic and scientific development in USA.

gopdha wrote on Oct 30, 2006:
grt mach. wishing u very best days ahead...
Jagan wrote on Oct 31, 2006:
maaapu quit cts .. nayee ..u still owe me a call da ..
Kirubakaran wrote on Oct 31, 2006:
gopi... machi, thanks da.

jagan... dei machi, totally sorry da. L1 to H1 transfer panra velai-la konjam busy-ya irundhuten... kandippa call panren.
Anonymous wrote on Nov 06, 2006:
5 years a orey companyla irunthathey periya thappu...Ennaya paaru ipo recenta pona week kooda oru company marunen.Itha nan oru hobby ya vey vachiruken.....

Good Decision da.....By the way entha company?

Call me da when u have time..neraya news iruku...My mobile number got changed 09989649804

Kirubakaran wrote on Nov 06, 2006:
dey thirupu!

it was due to the visa situation that i wasn't able to quit earlier da. i was on L1B which tied me to Cognizant. i had to do much homework to get my H1B processed at the right time etc. i had to take care of many details (getting in the quota, resignation date, new job, billing rate negotiations etc etc etc). finally H1B "freed" me :-)

number noted. will call u. i haven't replied to an email from udhaya. give me his ph#.
Senthil wrote on Nov 06, 2006:
I am reading this now only.
Interesting move...
Congrats!! Would like to know about your adventure..

Cheers to you! :)

Jagan wrote on Nov 07, 2006:
still waiting...