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I’ve been really busy in the past few days. I am somewhat good at prioritizing. Though I aim to update my blog everyday, it is not exactly my Priority #1. Of course you know that :-)

Quick update: I’ve been busy with so many different things… However I did buy SimCity 4 and played it few times. I love Caesar III and I used to play that all the time. SimCity has the same blood type as that. I’ve written some interesting tools but they are so unbaked that I can’t share them with the world. I’ve bought few more domain names that fancied me. My abs are getting better ;-) I play racquet ball everyday now - you don’t want to be slapped by me. My scores are still dismal but I am working on them. I’m not up to date with friends (yet)… I haven’t returned all calls. I’ve learned a lot of web programming related stuff - still there is a long way to go though.