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One Way To Start A Weekend

I saw Borat last night. I guess I don’t have to say anything about that :-) (I concur with Aaron for most part)

Got up this morning, had coffee, eggs, orange juice, eggs & coffee (again) before playing racquet ball. Oh yeah. We played for just 2hrs today - all doubles. Senthil and I teamed up against Shan & Thom. Good game. (I am not saying if we won or lost, because we lost)

After a refreshing shower, now I am doing the hacking coding, sit-ups, coding club-sandwich… cu later.

(might go golfing… sun is out!)

Anonymous wrote on Nov 12, 2006:
What are your plans for X-mas?? And when are you going for ur stamping?

Jagan wrote on Nov 16, 2006:
@#%@#$ %^#@$% @# $% ..i guess u got the message ..