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In the past month, if you had asked me a question that had the word ‘Zune’ anywhere in it, I’m sure I wud’ve given you an earful.

For others: No, I didn’t buy it and I won’t. I’d rather get paper cuts all over my body and go for a brine dip.

As if my one-on-one rant wasn’t enuf, here is something: Avoid the loony Zune [tx2reddit]

I had to share it coz I just loved the simile employed:

…overall experience is about as pleasant as having an airbag deploy in your face…

New Definition:

Zune … a person or thing that desperately tried to mimic a successful product or person, but instead wound up a horribly deformed copy because they totally misunderstood what made the original product or person successful in the first place. [credit][minor mods]

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Ruchi wrote on Nov 27, 2006:
And CNET's editor rating for ZUNE is 8 of 10, same as that for iPOD.