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Am Back

My friend Mike teased me today with: “Day 35 – Conditions are beyond description but my captor’s have not broken my spirit yet as I wait patiently for another entry into Mr. K.’s journal. :-)”


Since I blogged last, I’ve gone skiing, learnt roller blading, bought a new car (my first), learnt some more Lisp, cleaned up my cluttered room etc. I’m reading ‘Founders At Work’. I’ll be going to Startup School this year too (Mar 24th). Hope I can get the book signed by Jessica when I am there.

Tomorrow is “the day invented by greeting card companies to make people feel like crap”, right? Enjoy! (’Eternal Sunshine…’).

This is just an “I am back” post. The real post will be in soon.

Mallik Reddy wrote on Feb 24, 2007:
congrats on the car
KB wrote on Feb 25, 2007:

Do you really have a car? I haven't seen the thing. No pictures on your blog, no drive bys in my neighborhood. You were teasing when you said you got a car, right?