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My New Car

Radiohead wrote on Mar 04, 2007:
Nice car! Is that a hybrid? Well, it is still better than mine when it comes to emissions. :)

Anonymous wrote on Mar 06, 2007:
Nice car kiruba, i don't understand whey the hell all indian are buying HONDA or Toyota?
Kirubakaran wrote on Mar 06, 2007:
dear anonymous friend,

i did my homework+research independently. 2007/2006 civic met all my requirements. i *really* like the looks of the car too.

however, few ppl might think "oh everyone buys a honda or toyota... i have to buy sth else just because". they end up buying a crappy car, which no one buys for a good reason. howz that for reverse-psychology sheep mentality? :-)
orsenthil wrote on Mar 08, 2007:
wow! Thats wonderful.
Anonymous wrote on Mar 15, 2007:
Dei super da...Congrats for the new car...Even recently one of my colleague who was in US said that Desis there usually buy Japanese cars rather than the American cars...He said the Japanese cars have a good resale value...

Dei I also sent u a mail to u.Pathiya?

Anonymous wrote on Jan 16, 2009:
Oh common, if your living in the USA then buy USA...LOL