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Perceived Truth

Why is it that a negative person is perceived as more truthful?

You may really like something and honestly say so. It is likely that you will be seen as sugar-coating, white-lie-uttering, insincere lowlife. If not that, at least you’ll be seen as someone with low standards.

However, a perpetually complaining cry-baby is usually seen as straight-forward, no-bullshit, honest person with really high standards. People strive to please these jerks difficult people.

Does this make sense to you?

orsenthil wrote on May 01, 2007:
Actually, no. someone who sugar coats all the time is no different than a all time whiner. Its actually, when a person who speaks the truth he believes and is ready to listen to others with an equal ear is what people look for, thats imo. :)
Kirubakaran wrote on May 01, 2007:

Of course. I agree with your opinion. The scenario I am bringing up is a little different though:

When your *honest reaction* to something is to appreciate, you are seen as a flatterer.
Anonymous wrote on May 07, 2007:
Water seeks it's own level. If you are a swirling pool of misery, you will not be calmed by a still and stable pond. Therefore, you threaten their norm.

I am sure I have worked with some of these miserable bloaks.