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Random Thoughts

Optimist : “She is playing ‘hard to get’” Pessimist: “She is playing ‘you are not getting any’” :-)

“Bless me” said man. “Fuck you” said God.

Time & Life: How much ever you are doing with life, you could be doing more, right? I am very energetic and I like keeping myself that way by playing, working on interesting things, thinking cheerful thoughts etc. But there are all these things I simply don’t have time for… I wish I could learn martial arts. I’ve already shrunk my sleep time to as little as possible. I used to sleep for 9 hours straight, every day. Now I sleep not even 6 hours. But the moment I go to bed, I kinda go into a coma and I remember absolutely no dreams… I guess the sleep is more intense now. I put in effort to make my time to be of higher quality too. “In headaches and worry life leaks away” (W.H.Auden) It is when I am worried/sad/upset/angry that I feel tired and unenergized… and life passes without being really lived.

Paul Buchheit: Linkjacking is certainly not my intention. I really think you should really read this: Whose reality are you living in? Whose reality would you rather live in? Paul has crystallized some beautiful thoughts. You better read ALL his posts.

Mallik Reddy wrote on Apr 28, 2007:
First time some one told truth about God.. just repeating here.. couldnt get enough sight of it.

"Bless me" said man.
"Fuck you" said God.
Kirubakaran wrote on Apr 30, 2007:
Thanks a lot Mallik! :-)
Coming from you, it means a lot.