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Roll Call

Please leave your name or other identifier in the comment section of this post.

(Or email me at kirubakaran[at]gmail[dot]com)

I am just curious! My tracker shows hits from strange places. I recognize the IP lookup of almost all my friends (I think…). But few visitors really confound me. For example, I have a regular visitor from Ireland and I don’t know anybody in Ireland. I am pretty sure that that is not a bot too. Proxy server perhaps? Lets be optimistic and think that I have a human friend in Ireland! So, if it isn’t too much trouble, please leave a note - even if you think I know you read my blog :-)

I really wanna know who reads the crap stuff I write :-p

Anonymous wrote on Apr 27, 2007:
Hi Kiruba,
This is sasikumar periasamy. remember me?. i read each and every post of yours. Just want to let you know.

Karthik wrote on Apr 27, 2007:
I do read your blog.

Mike wrote on Apr 27, 2007:
Your blog provides me with seven essential vitamins and minerals and 10mg’s of calcium which helps me muster the strength to cut through the mediocre
Kirubakaran wrote on Apr 27, 2007:
Sasi! How can I forget my team leader! :-) Wow I didn't know you read my blog. Thanks for letting me know. I'll call you soon.

Dei SELF! I was wondering who is 'Karthik' :-)) I am reading your blog too... Congrats on the speeding ticket :-D

Mallik Reddy wrote on Apr 28, 2007:
Mallik Reddy from NY.
Chandana wrote on Apr 29, 2007:
Chandana from Maryland....donno if u remember me...but I find your blog kinda interesting...sometimes..
Kirubakaran wrote on Apr 30, 2007:
Mallik, Thanks for the note! Yep I know you read my blog :)
Kirubakaran wrote on Apr 30, 2007:
Of course I remember you, Chandana. Thanks a lot for telling me - I never knew that you read my blog.

LOL on "sometimes" :-))
I'll try to change that to "often"!
Sudhakar wrote on May 13, 2007:
Kiruba, I read your blog too, but this post kind of made me feel guilty for not leaving a comment earlier :-(
Ruchi wrote on Aug 10, 2007:
I'm late.