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A Small Sigh

Reasons for that small sigh of relief are: 1. I finally got wifi to work on Linux. 2. I made some progress on Clientish. (not uploaded)

Wi-Fi didn’t work for me due to a deadly combination of broadcom card and procrastination. I was using Debian Sarge and recently installed Debian Etch. The new installation was all the more a motivation to get it working - as it was almost working (wifi was failing only in the very last step). I found this HowTo to be very helpful: How To - Broadcom Wireless Cards. (Relevant since Ubuntu is based on Debian…). This is a big deal for me: I don’t have to reboot to windows in search of hotspots when I am on the road; I don’t have to plug that damn cable in at home.

These days I am playing with Python; in particular. You know how we think of something as a daunting task and keep procrastinating it and when we finally do it, we beat ourselves seeing how easy it turned out to be? Its like that. Aaron’s post comes to mind.

I’ve shelved Lisp at the moment and doing my web application for client management using This is because I want to get this done asap. (There is nothing in the website at the moment - I am doing all the dev offline)

BTW, I got an new idea today. Seems immensely promising. Lets see! I will blog about it if it turns out to be worthwhile.