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This is going to be just a quick update, ok?

I haven’t called/written-to/replied/communicated with friends. I missed few birthdays. I haven’t done my taxes. I haven’t done a million other such really important things.

I did kayak in the rain, see ‘The Grindhouse’ & play with Python.

I wanted to blog about an incident in Chipotle, various socio-economic topics that I pondered over and few mundane stuff too. As you know, I didn’t.

From 04/04/2007, I am officially fully committed to Python - to learn it really well. Its very interesting. I can’t believe I’ve been ignoring it for so long. I need it for a pet project I am working on. I am not doing it in Lisp, as I am planning to enlist the help of few people (if needed) and I don’t know any other Lispers personally. Plus its so sexy to be able to just say:

a = (([1,2,3]*3)+[0,0,0])*3

I didn’t go to Startup School this year :-(( But I’ll be going to “The Startup Project”, a conference hosted by Amazon.

I googled on Seattle based startups.

(damn! this post is now morphing into an elaborate one… once I start typing, one thing leads to another… hope you’ll bear with me… (However, I have to say I am not sure if I care if you’ll bear with me or not (-: Whats your problem? All you have to do is close this window and get on with your life(if you have one), right? d-: ))

(I am typing this in emacs - so I know all the parens in the above para are balanced!)

Ok, Seattle Startup links:

I am planning to attend Ignite and other geeky events around here. I should get over my shyness (stemming from my miniscule knowledge of Lisp) and go to the Lispers meetup in the area. You know, who knows what’ll happen.

See this stand up comedy: (stumbleupon suggested it to me) I especially loved the one about the glass house :-D (@ 02:54) His delivery is awesome.

Here is a teaser for you:

There is a saying that goes ‘people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’. Ok. How about ‘Nobody should throw stones’? Thats crappy behavior! My policy: “No stone throwing regardless of housing situation”
:-DD (what continues after that is even funnier)

If you liked that, why not try more? (this one really made my stomach hurt!) (esp. 3 dogs; trying to run away from spot light; paradoxtor etc)

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Ruchi wrote on Apr 10, 2007:
My friend KirubaKaran made a TO-DO list in descending order of priorities and is reading it from the bottom.