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When Down

What do you do when you are down?

I usually fix the problem. But sometimes there are many external factors involved - mostly intangible. It is when things are not in your control that you have a tough time.

Distractions are one way to go. Play, watch a feel good movie, read a book etc. But once the distraction stops, it seems like the earlier thoughts come back with vengeance.

Talking yourself into a frame of mind is another. You know, things like: “It will be alright”, “It is for the better”, “This too shall pass”, “Tomorrow, something will happen and it will be like this problem never even existed” etc.

Acceptance, may be? But that needs the maturity of a saint. If you had that attitude, the problem would have never seemed like a problem in the first place, right?

Counting your blessings. This seems pretty lame-ass to me right now.

What do YOU do anyway?

1 comment
Anonymous wrote on Apr 22, 2007:
I either:

1. Donate $25 to a local charity. It not only reminds me that we all face challenges, but makes me feel I'm actively doing something helpful. If I can't solve my own problem? Maybe I can help someone else.

2. Learn something new... a foreign language, a new computer skill... learning new things always inspires creative thinking which helps inspire our own problem solving skills.