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The Goddamn 'What-If's

[I guess this post is easy to misunderstand. Don’t.]

Sometimes I think I should have got married at 16 or less and been done with the whole damn thing. I didn’t know anything then. I probably would have married a classmate. It is shocking to see those “hot girls” now, at 27 (only their IQ seems to have stayed at high school level), but I digress. The point is, that part of my life would have been over. My mind will not be going into blood sucking infinite loops now, taking all my current highly developed hopes, expectations and fears into consideration. I would be a different person now, with a different set of worries.

But then, it seems like I am wishing that I were in prison, so that I wouldn’t have to debug someone else’s sloppy badly-indented code. May be my life is better as is?

1 comment
kb wrote on May 08, 2007:
Dude! Are you in a bad space or trying to recognize the beauty of the situation? Getting married at 16 may have worked out fine but then you would be where you are today. When the right woman comes along the rest of the world will dissapear and when you go to bed with your will be sleeping with a relative. ;-)

As for badly indented code. This reminds me of a thread a couple of days ago. I created very organized code with blank lines instead of skip1 or skip2's in the code. It was cleaner looking in my opinion. We (10 people) spent a whole freakin hour talking about my blank lines. Get a grip folks. There are bigger fish to fry.