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The Book Solution

To keep my mind creatively engaged, I decided to read like crazy. I used to read a lot but I slowed down a bit the past couple years. First there was a road trip phase just after I got my driving license, when my friends and I went on road trips almost every weekend. After that wore off, I spent most of my time hanging out with friends, watching movies almost every night, playing racquet ball every single day, snow boarding on the weekends & kayaking on balmy days. These were good things except that my reading took a beating.

My friends got married, relocated, busy, overworked or simply lazy. With more time in my hands, I went back to reading, like a child going back to sucking its thumb when too many things change at once. I even considered getting a dog - I love dogs - but my rootlessness made me think that that might be a bad idea at this point in time.

Tim Ferriss had a point when he said that reading fiction is the best way to take your mind off of the day’s events. Reading a short story every night felt so good. I have a paperback edition of ‘Selected Stories of O.Henry’ - I read a story a night. I have not done this in weeks as it gets late for me to get into bed. I should resume this as I felt so relaxed. I especially liked ‘While the Auto Waits’ and ‘The Higher Pragmatism’.

Not only did I want to start reading a lot again but I wanted to get back into the habit with vengeance. So I dusted (shelf) / borrowed (kcls) / bought (amazon) these:

  • “Man’s Search for Meaning” -Viktor E.Frankl
  • “Issac Newton” -James Gleick
  • “Making Comics” -Scott McCloud
  • “A Pattern Language (Towns, Buildings, Construction)” -C.Alexander et al
  • “Prank the Monkey” -Sir John Hargrave
  • “Test-Driven Development” -Kent Beck
  • “Simplify Your Life” -Elaine St.Jame
  • “The God Delusion” -Richard Dawkins
  • “Stumbling on happiness” -Daniel Gilbert
  • “Ender’s Game” -Orson Scott Card
That should keep me busy for a while, don’t you think? ;-)

I chose each of these books carefully - mostly based on recommendations from people I respect in that area: primarily Phillip Greenspun, Aaron Swartz, Manikantan SSA, Raganwald and Ben Casnocha.

Right now I am reading “Man’s Search…” and “Making Comics”. Both are extremely interesting in diametrically opposite ways.

I have started working out every day - which is a good thing too. I feel much more energetic than, say, a month ago.

Ruchi wrote on Jul 19, 2007:
Meet thy Geek :-)
Anonymous wrote on Jul 22, 2007:
Good da.

You can add "Shantaram" to your list of fictions if you haven't read it still.